Agro Textile

The Agro textile group represents a number of the world’s most prominent textile companies and suppliers. The Agro textile group includes the primary textile manufacturing and absorbing companies, with generators located in Spain, India, China, Brazil as well as the United States. Agro textile production involves the availability of materials with regards to local, national, and international markets. The Agro textile companies production and supply textiles used for protection, fashion, home and environmental design, sporting and leisure, agriculture, structure, automotive and marine industrial sectors and other specific textile products.

The Agro textile group is a section of the IDP (INDEX) group of industrial organizations. The Agro Fabric Group is one of the leading agro fiber fabric manufacturers and exporters in India. The primary areas of concentrate of the the company involve apparel, textiles, footwear, pharmaceuticals, nursery and food grade products, machines, construction materials, chemicals and pesticides.

The main markets of Agro Fabric group will be the U. Nasiums., South Africa, Italy, Japan and Taiwan. In addition to these, Agro Textile comes with global sales outlets canada, Mexico, Italy, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Egypt, India, Laxa, sweden, Switzerland, Norwegian, Singapore as well as the Philippines. The artwork textile creation plants operate by the enterprise employ more than 1500 people-mainly unskilled. The textile items manufactured by these kinds of textile generators are utilized with respect to apparel, horticulture, construction, underwater and cultivation. Some of the fabric products that is generated by the companies consist of khaki, natural cotton, synthetic fibres, trousers and suits, sneakers, chemical substance engineering apparel, gloves, operative gloves, plastic gloves, man made fibers, man made fibre, wool, cashmere and jute.